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We offer Knowledge Excursions Story Expeditions Leadership Journeys

An intense experience will connect and engage you with yourself and others in a facilitated shared online environment.
A set of tools and literacies will heighten your awareness, presence & purpose — giving you a new edge in business and personal life.
An unfolding story will reward your attention, awareness & engagement — without requirements, mandates, or authority.
“Do it! :) You’ll be glad that you did. You may realize more insight into yourself than you began with. And, you’ll be bonding with your fellow expeditioneers, some of whom may turn out to be enduring friendships beyond anything you might imagine.” —Richard Harlos
“I have a very vivid imagination and I can feel the sound of the wind in my ears still…. the cold swift whistle in the high altitudes and the comforting sounds of the Sherpas talking in Hindi ‘Haan ab door nahin’.” —Lacerant Plainer
“I look forward to future tours, they have been fun and interesting. Thanks for your work on them. They show great creativity, and are a beauty to behold.” —Oshi Shikigami



In a Wild Garden: Convivial Equipoise

The online Conversation Community is loosely organized in its configuration and content, more like a wild garden than are cultivated special interest communities in fields like the arts, philosophy an…
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21C Quests: A Meditative Walk

Click on the link below to launch the self-guided meditative walk. It’s best viewed in a browser like Chrome or FireFox with a good headset or sound system. There’s an intro you can follow…
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