May 24, 2015


ISS - Angkor Wat

At a table at the Sagarmatha Café, where a Knowledge Expedition team plans their Virtuereal trip:

“ready for espresso….. here you go……. double for me please…  ok, hold on……. some mission briefing for today’s excursion….. this coffee tastes local……. la vida loca……. Ok here’s the location…”

Deep in a forest in southeast Kazakhstan, on a path, where it opens onto the view of a turquoise lake:

“I dreamed about this 2 days ago! An emerald lake,” said +Ferananda Ibarra

“I feel drawn here…” said +Joe Raimondo

“A beautiful place to dream and travel,” said +Mike Daniels

On the grounds of the lichen-tinted Temple at Angkor Wat, built in Cambodia in the 12th century, with stone carried from a quarry 40 kilometers away:

“It’s lovely here” said +Amy Donahue

“The decay, the reclaiming of part of the temple by nature adds to the beauty,” said +John Kellden

“It has a beautiful atmosphere.” said +Joachim Stroh

“I would think all the intricacy would detract from the contemplation, but it doesn’t” said Joe.

In the Feynman Airstream virtuereality transporter, trapped in a quantum transition on the way to Nepal, +Amelia Hoskins was surrounded by a pulsing lilac light.

In the glass cupola of the International Space Station, where the Knowledge Expedition team looked down on the cities, mountains and rivers of Earth, on Lake Kaindy in Kazakhstan, the temple at Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the mountain Sagarmatha in Nepal, and on Earth’s far limb, the flickering light of a lilac aurora:

“Lovely, yet so lonely” said +Oshi Shikigami. “Glory of all, before us. And likely long after we are gone…”

“A living planet” said +Ron Scroggin

“A planet poised to awaken” said John.

The Knowledge Expeditions
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are collaborative adventures in Virtuereal space. They are cocreated, with new outcome every time, providing a multipurpose 21st Century workbench and playground, and ushering in the golden era of Immersive Collaborative Sensemaking.