May 24, 2015

21C Monday Magazine: Some Thinks Take Time


Issue 69 — Mar 30, 2015

“The time away from time and goal (kairos) is a direct portal to collective consciousness and understanding. It speeds up the rate of meaning transfer among people, faster and faster, over minutes, days and months, and a qualitative change begins to happen — a new consciousness emerges.
Let the remixing times roll! That is how the rhizome of an entity sends out shoots of meaning, leading to new entities, all connected to all, each (living) lens providing a unique window on the world, for all to see.” — +Ron Scroggin

“I think we are finding that portals play a critical role in this. Not the 20C Intranet/Internet portals (who are based on a 20C narrative) but those that help you dig deeper, understand yourself and align you with the environment, your co-workers. But we can only point you towards the portal, you have to step through it yourself.” — +Joachim Stroh

“But we — the human beings with versatile bodies living in a complex, increasingly technologized, and heavily self-structured, world — are more fantastic still.”
via +Joe Raimondo

“In our 21C Transition, some thinks take time.” — +John Kellden

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