June 16, 2015

Sceenius Value Proposition


The Sherpa team had an interesting discussion on value proposition today and I’d like to share some of our thoughts with this diagram. We see the value potential in being able to move from point A (before) to point B (after). That’s all. Now, the person that you are at point A will be different from the person you will be at point B. This change can be detected in a few ways that we’ve personally experienced – higher individual and team performance, an increase in individual and collective intelligence, or new 21C skills and literacies gained through the experience. How is such a change possible?

Our platform opens a space through active participation (Enaction), deep engagement with a story (Immersion) and the entanglement of both through enactive intersubjectivity (Scenius). This space, which we term Social Field, is where our minds are working and playing together (here’s a visualization). It becomes larger and stronger as time moves on and more people are engaged and immersed in the story. We provide the right climbing gear (tools & techniques) to prepare you for the ascent as well as a multi-modal story line, using text, visuals, sound and music. What you bring back after your descent is a transmedia artifact that preserves the memories you’ve acquired during the trip.