June 27, 2015

Vector in the field

Sun, flowers


Come forward

Be sceene

Open your self
to the Sun,

In 2065, if things don’t go as badly as we might think, we will have nearly direct, nearly real-time mental communication.

We can simulate this kind of mental intercommunication. When we enact (not simply view) the simulation, it is a felt experience, generating a social field. People in the field really work, and really play.

Your (my) social vector is your speed and direction of movement through the social field.

In the field, your self is the same as it ever was (you still have the same name and address) but it is also spread out as if electric, sharing with and dynamically varying among the people in your network.

Sceenius social field


And you may find yourself in another part of the world
And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile
And you may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife
And you may ask yourself — Well… How did I get here?

— Talking Heads
Social presence

The you (I) that is moving through a social field is therefore neither exactly defined nor entirely circumscribed.

The substance that is moving in a social field is meaning, flowing throughout our world, from levels of basic physical forces, through levels of highest abstraction and aspiration, and concentrated in minds and groups of minds (and hearts), in analog and digital life.

The flow of meaning through hearts and minds has effect in our physical and psychological worlds. We act on meaning.
Concentrated social presence

Some of us at Sceenius, and several hardy (or not) adventurers are building and activating a concentrated social field, and focusing it to create nearly direct, nearly real-time mental communication — albeit not nearly as big and fast as the world-wide ecoweb of 2065.
Transmedia production

Social field generation is the core of what we do. We live it, and it informs our design of Sensemaking Platforms for Immersive Collaborative Experiences (SPICE).

Some days SPICE is pretty mundane, workaday collective intelligence. Other days it is like starring in a movie brought to life, where we party like it’s 2065.

a multipurpose 21st Century workbench and playground, ushering in the golden era of Immersive Collaborative Sensemaking

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