July 11, 2015

Glyph diving in a social field


Where you are, and what is happening now in social space, is your social moment. It is the product of social substance (attention, response, sympathy, et al) and current distance from a social leverage point.

Movement (yours, mine, ours) in a social field can be visualized by mapping it to a grid and calculating the flow at points on the grid. Points can be represented as directional glyphs, to make visualizing movement easier (eg red glyphs in featured image).

You can imagine yourself as plunging from glyph to glyph along a line of force, or just imagine you are a glyph speeding along the streamline, changing state on the fly, or imagine the glyph is a social field transport vehicle.

The flow and shape of the social field is determined by the intent and volition of the people in the field, by the constraints of the field’s substrate, and by unknown factors.

Diving into a new social milieu feels like diving into the sea from a (small or large) cliff, or like flying into a spiraling flock of birds, or like a star falling into a galactic core, and whipping around it in a hairpin turn.


featured image: An attracting focus in a vector field. Glyphs show behavior.

below image: Streamlines show overall structure of the field.


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