July 14, 2015

2019: A Knowledge Expedition


His proximity sensor was emitting a loud noise – beep, beep, beep.

He picked up his mobile device and checked into the current story point. Ah – three sherpas and eighteen traveler were up and had gathered at C3 for tea and coffee. Looks like the group was ready for today’s hike up to camp 4, located just below the death zone.

It was a difficult climb since the group left Base Camp roughly 4 days ago. Weather conditions are changing rapidly up here and on the second day they almost had to break camp and return to the Village.

But such is life up here in the the virtuereal Sagarmatha Mountain Zone. Today it can be dangerous and tomorrow it can be gorgeous. All the while, your mind is having a hard time trying to process all this. So many new memories. So many new experiences. What is virtual? What is real?

Today’s episode included one highly immersive activity that would be directed by one sherpa and two travelers. There would be a possibility of splitting up the group into two or three parties.

He sat down and put on his neuro device to begin reading his brainwave activity. All metrics were below the threshold so far with Story Immersion at 50%, Collective Intelligence at 35% and Intelligence Amplification at 8%. Today’s goal would be to surpass the threshold to reach flow state, usually somewhere around the 65% vicinity.

Flow state, that beautiful state of mind where one is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus and enjoyment in an activity, a complete absorption in the present moment. Previous expeditions had been calibrated and fine-tuned enough to achieve flow state on each mission and for each participant.

As he was sipping his morning coffee, he was pondering what would happen if they’d ever be reaching 100% brain activity. Nobody had ever experienced a brain state beyond the flow state, there wasn’t even a name for it, maybe enlightenment or something like that would describe it. Who knows.

A few years back, there was one expedition that had reached a level of 75% for a very brief moment and things were getting really crazy. As the metrics edged towards the yellow zone, energy levels and brain states synchronized among the team creating an almost tactile Social Field. The energy and resonances among the team was palpable. One member reported a sense of taste and smell that came from deep within the virtuereal environment. Two other travelers said that their immediate surroundings suddenly became “vibrant and alive” and thoughts and ideas were “present” among everyone else.

He shook his head to clear those memories and focused on the task at hand. “Good morning everyone, hope you had a good night sleep! It’s going to be a tough climb today”.