July 16, 2015

Expedition Stories: Growing Depth


After my experience in Knowledge Expedition 5, I came to a new appreciation for life, and more particularly I experienced a new depth of what’s possible in life and living. It was, to be sure, an autopoietic shift – a shift in what it means to be shifted.

This is foundation work, I realized. In order to build taller, you need to dig deeper. And this was physical, visceral change, down through my heels – pushing into the ground. The virtureal trip I’d taken started me digging. I suppose the best analogy is that the Knowledge Expedition broke the ground and started into cutting this new channel.

As I now observe, the impact has primarily been in creativity – opening and tuning creative channels. Being immersed in that platform, using that method, the expedition promoted a lot of new and unfamiliar physical, emotional, and active cognitive effort. It created new pathways at a neuronal level. It caused this new depth – a shifted shift. An autopoietic shift.

Coming back from my first trip as a sherpa on Knowledge Expedition 5 has been a bit challenging. I see what we intend with this effort, I’m using the growth and expansion from the immersive experience to directly benefit this enterprise. I find myself stretching in ways that are confounding, as the scope of what we’re working on unfolds. Now, a few months down the road, it starts to feel like deepened roots as I stand up in the world.