July 19, 2015

Virtuereality: climes of imagination

otherside of life

There is a hidden, imagined side of life, a near-subliminal running account of what seems to be — or what might be — perhaps often spent in wandering daydreams. This stream of imagination can be appreciated and enjoyed, and its momentum applied to a process or project.          stream, momentum

When two or more people “cross the streams” of imagination they create a common field of meanings. In this field they can build a world and enact a story to any end (eg real-world outcome) they desire. Sceenius does this by providing an immersive scene and an enactive social field, where scenius, the genius of the scene, will happen.           story, scene, social field, scenius

Our brains have adapted to treating this social field as real, as if in a meeting room, or in a geosocial environment, or on a moon shot — whatever it needs to be — and have adapted to working and playing together in the field. This sleight of imaginative utility allows us to function and develop, as human beings, as ourselves, as a team, from anywhere in the world.          neurological adaptation, utility

With this adaptation and its facilitating platform, Sceenius is equipped to guide and outfit anyone (person or group) who is reasonably fit, to trek along these hidden paths in rarefied climes of imagination.          Virtuereality, guide and outfit