July 28, 2015

The Sceenius Clicker


Have you ever stood in front of a group and wanted to know how your talk is perceived? Have you ever given a long presentation and wanted to know if your points are coming across? If you are going too fast or too slow? If the group is ready to move on or wants to repeat a point? Or ask a question about your last point or discuss it with the entire group?

We’ve created a real-time app that allows all participants to submit a “sign” (visual hint) to a speaker (or the group) that, if acknowledged, can change the direction of a meeting, presentation or discussion in real time without interrupting the flow. We call these signs “intentions” and have created a grid of 12 simple intentions that can be brought to the attention of a speaker through the push of a button.

How does this work? Prior to the meeting, each participant receives a link to open the app on any mobile device (or tablet). After a quick review and agreement on the meaning of the intentions (e.g. why and when to click a button) the event can commence as planned. Once a button is pressed by a participant, it flashes yellow for about 5 seconds on all screens so it can be seen by the speaker and participants simultaneously.

The idea is that anyone who is talking can take note of the collective intentions and course correct in real time. For example, if the current speaker is going too fast, someone can hit the “slow down” button, the speaker will notice (e.g. on his mobile device placed on the table) and begin to slow down, without anyone interrupting the flow. This way, the app creates a dynamic feedback loop by and for the participants. We hope this small app can have a big impact on your next event, be it online (e.g. in a hangout) or face-to-face (e.g. in a classrooom), or any other kind of event. Let us know!

To try the demo or launch your own clicker for your event, click on the button below and enter “demo” in the code box or your own code for your event. You can also share a link via (replace MyCode with your event name).