Monthly Archives: July 2015

Glyph diving in a social field


Where you are, and what is happening now in social space, is your social moment. It is the product of social substance (attention, response, sympathy, et al) and current distance from a social leverage point. Movement (yours, mine, ours) in a social field can be visualized by mapping it to a grid and calculating the […]

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The Task: Your flow production

your flow production

By your intentions, and by all intentions, and by the unknown, you are chosen to fulfill this Task. You now know, whether by choice, circumstance or both, that your job and creative task is to get from the current situation to a better one. . . . . . . . . . Where you […]

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The Sherpa team continued the discussion on value proposition and I’d like to share some some of our thoughts here. What we do can be depicted as a Venn diagram with three sets: a Virtuereality Space (a virtuereal story-as-scaffolding that unfolds over a given period of time through excursions and expeditions), a Process Mapping Space (a shared narrative that adjusts […]

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