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Core human experience: How do you feel?!

Core affect - how do you feel

  “What if music didn’t exist?” “Yikes.. I can’t believe, in years of playing and teaching music, I never asked myself that question.” “When we were talking about music as the brain’s language,” Eden said, “I wondered, if it is that deep, what does it say about us. That’s when I thought of the experiment: […]

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Expedition Stories: Thin Air


On an knowledge expedition, we look at what it’s like to put one’s self at risk. The element of risk, the implication of peril, is one factor in unhinging a participant from the patterned obviousness of everyday survival. When the air you’re breathing no longer carries sufficient oxygen to support autonomic functioning, if only in […]

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The nomadic Raute people of Nepal

  ≥≤ Sagarmatha Dispatch-Gazette ≥≤ In western Nepal, a group of the Raute people still follow an ancient nomadic hunter-gatherer way of life, staying in one place for a few weeks, then moving on. The trek through monsoon forests at altitudes of 2,000-8,000ft may take 12 years, to cover the full 12,000 square mile territory […]

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Tools of self creation


We already create our own existence to some extent by modifying the physical environment and participating in the world of thought. Some of the effects of our actions come back to us in a loop as part of our stream of perceived existence. If I paint my room off-white I will have a different experience […]

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The Sceenius Clicker Continued


Following up on my previous post and some seriously good feedback on the Sceenius Clicker, here is some thinking on where we’d like to go with this. The Clicker is a set of 12 intentions that “annotate” any type of conversation canvas, including meetings, hangouts, or chats. The action (to click) is quick and easy to perform […]

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