August 16, 2015

Tools of self creation


We already create our own existence to some extent by modifying the physical environment and participating in the world of thought. Some of the effects of our actions come back to us in a loop as part of our stream of perceived existence.

If I paint my room off-white I will have a different experience than if I paint it black and lime green. Either way, my action will promote an experience that becomes a self-selected part of my ongoing existence.

When experience is purposefully self-selected, and informs further experiences in an upward-spiraling cycle, the result is real learning, one step beyond didactic instruction processing.

The process can be amplified. My loop of outgoing actions returning to incoming perceptions can be strengthened. I can take actions and select their effects in my stream, and participate in the creation of my own existence, as a conscious agent in a cognitive feedback loop.

One way to amplify the cognitive feedback loop is to imagine an existence, live in it for a while and see what happens. Kids playing house do this, living a fantasy that will eventually become actual. But the living experience is real from the beginning.

We shaped the cognitive (brain) amplification process into a set of tools for personal and organizational development, production and presence — notably the Knowledge Expeditions. They are online experiences with some structure but with outcome unknown, depending on the actions of the travelers on an expedition. They are real interpersonal experiences, and typically stimulate esprit, motive and execution.

Customizable Knowledge Expeditions might be challenging adventures or reflective retreats, or both. They have the advantages of offsite events, while staying onsite — or wherever you happen to be.


On anchoring experience through sensory pathways – Joe Raimondo:
“We talk of strong coffee with yak butter and rare vodka served from a block of ice..”

On integrated conscious experience – Christof Koch:
“Each of these sights, sounds, memories or thoughts requires that the underlying electrical and chemical activity of a privileged set of neurons is rapidly bound to give rise to an integrated conscious experience that lasts but a fleeting moment until the next neuronal assembly comes into being and a new experience supersedes the old one.”

Paint It Black w/lyrics – Rolling Stones:
“My love will laugh with me before the morning comes..”