Monthly Archives: September 2015

Rain: A Look Back


If you haven’t seen Rain, please go watch it now. Try to turn off your analytical brain and immerse yourself in it (go fullscreen). Picture yourself looking outside a glass window on a dark and rainy night sometime in 2042. Look back in time on all the good and bad things that happened in the […]

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Expedition Stories: Leather and Nylon


On a knowledge expedition, as we climb the mountain, we talk about our gear. We discuss the tools and affordances that enable us to scale these heights. A trip up Sagarmatha requires top gear. Successful ascent requires the most sophisticated gear modern technology can spin out. Super-strong and super-light – adapted from aerospace environments to […]

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Nepal business: a tough road

Nepal business

  TRADE Nepal is landlocked between China and India. World demand for the country’s exports is growing. Most goods going overseas have to be shipped to the port of Kolkata in India, a land journey of 1-3 weeks. The road from Kathmandu to Kolkata is long and hard. And beaureaucratic — with many certificates, documents […]

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Artful steward: Janelle Monae on catalyzing group dynamics

Janelle dynamics

Listen to and watch the (acclaimed, nominated for six Grammys singer, writer, producer, rapper, enactivist) Janelle Monáe Tightrope performance. It is a 5 minute neurodownload seminar on leadership, advocacy, enaction, presence et al. Doesn’t matter much whether you like it, or if it’s your style. Just open brain and dump it in. Before (or after) […]

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