September 4, 2015

Expedition Stories – Floes, Flows, and Trustflows


On the mountain you deal with ice. Water gets hard and stays hard here. Stiffening and shifting below us, its creaks and cracks are a music that weaves magic and mystery.
And yes – we make tea. Tea comes from using heat to melt the ice back to liquid – as beverage and refreshment.
Annealing and un-annealing. It’s a physical process.
We talk about flow. Flow states. Positive activity states. What we call enactive states. We know those flow states. We extend and test narratives – how do I refine my story here? And it cycles like that – annealing and un-annealing.
Riding on a shifting pile of ice.

We turn to dialogue and we turn to trust as subject of the dialogue. What is it to exchange – exchange needs, wants – desires – preferences – how do we sort it? Patterns emerge and are modeled.

This leads to a vibrancy in the practice of being on the mountain. The process brings voices long heard inside to life. To expression – expression being what we think of as the base of knowledge. Interior voices – they externalize. We think and work together.
We externalize – physicalize the narrative.
We write virtuereal epistlature.

We explore trust and flow of trust – trustflow – together. Likewise, trustflow becomes a basis for interacting. We conduct the group goodwill on the journey. And real trust emerges. Well, it can emerge. Breathe!

So a lot can happen when you slow down a cyclical physical process, and then tell a story about it.