September 27, 2015

Rain: A Look Back


If you haven’t seen Rain, please go watch it now. Try to turn off your analytical brain and immerse yourself in it (go fullscreen). Picture yourself looking outside a glass window on a dark and rainy night sometime in 2042. Look back in time on all the good and bad things that happened in the last decades.. then watch it again.

Rain came out of John Kellden‘s deep reflection on our future, but not through simple prediction, but through presencing and connecting with the different streams that are around us. Tapping into Gaia and receiving a transmission, if you will. My part was to augment and amplify John’s mental download with visuals and sound (sonified slides).

To date, I believe this is the most accurate, yet most mysterious glimpse into our future. To shed a bit more light onto this picture, we have created a companion visual as some of the stages are becoming increasingly clear while others remain fuzzy. Take centralized platforms (social networks) who’s core engine of growth is (contextual) advertising. It becomes increasingly obvious that we are seeking deeper connections with each other, away from highly centralized control and kludgy data science.

What we see instead is a rise of distributed platforms that focus on knowledge logistics, not advertising. A focus on the knowlege and insights we gain, not the data trails we leave behind. A path towards contextual intelligence and computing, not data processing and classification. How much resonance we want to broker through these distributed platforms is up to us.

What’s beyond distributed platforms is still fuzzy but we already know that distributed platforms will eventually transition into something else whose contours begin to take shape in the years to come. But, in 2042, we realize that this was always the case, we just needed to understand it. We realize the underlying structure has been holonic all along, every sphere embedded in and part of an increasingly larger sphere that expanded our horizon and gave us more space to grow and flourish. We just needed to understand it.