October 4, 2015

Expedition Stories: 4-D Facility


image: Wikipedia

Time, how do we mark time on the mountain? A real mountain trek takes 40 days. If you do it right. A knowledge expedition requires six good days where you can immerse yourself in something else for a while, immerse in a way that you might if you were training for a major ascent.

One thing we do — we play with time on a KE. We have a number of portals. We have facility with signaling, design and perspective that can take you from the 3-D discipline of climbing and put your hands on the knobs and levers of temporality. We speak seriously about chronos and kairos. We work with time and alter it; we make it malleable.

Sculpting time takes imagination. It calls for your best in the present moment’s thinking, and it calls forward your best facility at sensemaking. Done right, this kind of process opens an ontological door. We get a new dimension or depth of human sensibility. We can incorporate it for ourselves as a melange of sensory, tactile, kinesthetic and emotional resonances. And, since we conduct this in a network, in community, these new components of common sense are available, simultaneously in now time (in chronos) and in all time (in kairos).

On our expeditions we work on the growth tip of this new fundamental capacity. We alter the sense of time to provide an expanded palette. What you create is up to you personally and among the folks you’re with.

And don’t spread this around, but we do have a Tesseract and have been known to use it.