October 10, 2015

Sceenius Knowledge Expeditions: What is below the surface?

Kaindy 3 divers


What is below the surface of a Knowledge Expedition? It could be SPICE, the Sensemaking Platform for Immersive Collaborative Experiences, or the expertise of Sceenius guides and expediters. It could be the intentions of the people in the expedition, or the implicit meaning of the story they (we) enact, outcome unknown. It could be unfathomable causes from the depths of life and the universe.

What is on the surface of the Knowledge Expeditions? The real interactions of people just as in ordinary experience: conversation, work, play. The difference is that the KE virtuereal experience is extraordinary, because of (see first paragraph), and because it is personally and collectively enacted (not acted): What is enaction

The image is a detail of a scene from one of the KEs to Lake Kaindy in Kazakhstan, diving under the surface to explore the sunken forest, the underwater river, and some surprises. On the left is a fragment of unrehearsed real time conversation in the chat stream. Below the text is a story navigation button, to get us to the next scene. Not seen in this closeup are audio controls and avatar cameos for everyone in the expedition. On the expedition, the immersive image is full screen.

The three divers in the scene are Joachim Stroh, Ron Scroggin and Esteban Trev. Ferananda Ibarra, Mike Daniels and other people have been here too. The people are real, the immersive environment is virtual, the intention of the group is virtuous — it is a virtuereal experience.