October 24, 2015

Mysteries of the Ç®¥§†åÏ Çå√∑


Oenfi, who had waited in the cave for 3 billion turns around the Sun, since before Sagarmatha (Chomolungma, Mt Everest), before Gondwana, before Pangaea, Pannotia, Rodinia, and other great landmasses — who had since the time of Ur, waited — Oenfi.. waited.

It was necessary to wait because that is how long it takes to get the work done. Oenfi had all the time in the world — all the time in the world and no more.

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“Ok, there it is!” said +Joachim Stroh, leading the Sagarmatha virtuereal climbing party deeper into the metaphorical mountain cave system.

+Elwin Green felt a type of fear. Not terror… But definitely a feeling that requires… trust. At the end of the cave corridor a bluish light emanated from the sanctum of the crystal cave.

“Onward!” said Elwin.

The travelers edged down the icy corridor toward the light at the end of the tunnel.

Oenfi felt a thought unfold, experienced it for a while, then another thought unfolded. Each thought was connected by threads to other thoughts and ideational forces in Oenfi’s mind, and in neighboring and far distant minds, and interacted with external surroundings near and far.

What defines a meme? -Smithsonian

A new thought unfolded, along threads connecting with the minds of the tunnel travelers:

“If it is scenius I see no reason it couldn’t turn out to be a big deal,” said +@Michael Josefowicz. “If there is any way my team can help, just let us know. The time is always Now. As we say on the team — onward, ever onward!”

Methodology, part 5: Situational Leadership -John Kellden

“Some of the ice blocks are very loose” said Joachim.

“Easy does it..” said +@Ron Scroggin.

“Oops!” said Elwin.

“You ok?” said Joachim.

“Yeah, I’m good, thanks!”

“This way,” said Joachim. “Walk slowly here, very icy. Clip on the ropes along the wall.”

“Right behind you” said +John Kellden.

“Plenty of crystals around here” said Joachim.

“Wow” said Elwin.

“We discovered the cave on one of our first trips to Base Camp.”

“I could almost find my way blindfolded by now” said John.

“We’re almost there, right?” said Elwin.

Like Dharan in Eastern Nepal, a channel and hub of trade and tourism which sits where the mountains meet the plains, the Cave is a natural transfer point along the virtual/actual spectrum, where everyday ground level experience, and extraordinary peak experience exert equal pull. It is effectively the Cave Between the Worlds.

The House Between the Worlds -Marion Zimmer Bradley

Flatlands of Nepal: The Terai -Sceenius

Oenfi experienced the jubilant thought of the exploring team: “We found the Crystal Cave!”

“Yay!” Said Joachim.

“Oh. My. God.” said Elwin.

Blue light shone through the billowing crystal roof of the cavernous underground auditorium. The roof was distantly high and the other end of the cave was undiscernable.

There was a blue crystal on the floor.

Elwin turned, and drew near to John. “Dude… thanks for not keeping this to yourself.”

Some time later, or was it? Time is hard to pin down in the Cave. It is right on the virtuereal fulcrum of time and timelessness. Sometimes days go by in an hour. Sometimes nothing happens for weeks:

“Hi Esteban. I am rambling around these story points collecting meaning for a post,” said Ron.

“I have an open link to this place” said @Esteban Trev . “I like the music.”

“Glad you like it..”

“I’m about to post something regarding value proposition format in the FB post in which +@Finn Jackson presented a 7 point co-evolution…” said Esteban.

“Cool. If it is convenient you could tag me so I check it out”

Oenfi breathed..

Value proposition…
_______ (the initiative product/service/act)
helps (who)
to do (what)
by fixing _______
and enabling _______” said Esteban.

tag Ron Scroggin

“Yes, I am sure that could be part of it” said Finn.

“A living story, outcome unknown, provides a compass for wayfinders by tapping into the roots of ancient human neuroevolution, and creating an enaction space for empathic transformation,” said Ron.

“I really like this part about ‘an enaction space for empathic transformation’!” said @Trudy Martinez. “I am an empath and new to Facebook. I am coming to realize that empathy is quite possible in digital space and does not require in-person contact or ever even meeting a person. A group like ‪John Kellden‬’s Conversation can establish empathy connections between people who have never met.

“And, actually, it seems to me, ( @‪Mark Larkento‬ ) that these connections augment and reinforce the potential problem solving capabilities of the group if the individuals involved can allow curiosity and inclusivity as pertains to this empathy connection.”

21C Enaction: Social Presence -John Kellden

“What is driving all the nodal flows, decisions and actions is the nature of the edges” -John Kellden


Oenfi felt the streams of meaning and their interactions, flowing inward, the inbreath of awareness, and joy.

This is what I was born for, Mother Sagarmatha.

Oenfi breathed out.

And waited.

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image and music -+@Ron Scroggin