December 6, 2015

The trick is to leap: enacting change

Klein Acosta

Walking a grid on the endless surface of a Klein bottle, an expedition team emerging from the inside (as from the top opening in the diagram), would gradually begin to see the outside of the bottle, realizing with each step, a new horizon of what had been otherness, until the edgeland is traversed and the surface of the new world is revealed.

Our Knowledge Quest team emerged from the Inside, vast sky opening before us.

“Wind and grass out here, clouds and sky,” said Micajho.

“And empty silo’d bunkers, relics of the old world,” said Honj. “This was us, years ago.”

“Looks like it still is” said Orn.

Three figures were coming over the rise, heading toward the Inside, walking toward us — strangers.

“Strangely familiar,” said Micajho.

We knew, and they knew.. that Them was Us.


Ecosystems, governments, biological cells, and markets participate in complex boundary/signal hierarchies at their respective edges of change, at all levels and overall.

A person, team, leader or organization can use a generalized mechanism of signal management to adapt quickly to what emerges, if they have already learned, practiced and experienced it:

“The Social Field is up” said Micajho. “Shall we invoke a couple of principles?”

“How about #presencing ?” said Honj.

“Ok, and next, #participatory sensemaking,” said Micajho. “How about an enactive edge between these nodes — draw a card?”

“Dialogue” said Orn.

“Ok, open the Dialogue portal?” said Micajho.

Honj looked over the rise for a moment at the three walking silhouettes, sky at their backs, and nodded. “Play the card, open the portal.”

It looked like we were going to have a little chat with ourselves.


Fast forwarding to the end of the outer part of the quest, another transition — to the inside:

In a 3D physical Klein bottle, where it reenters itself, the outer wall of the entering neck is fused to the bottle wall where it passes through. An ant crawling on it would not be able to enter the inner space of the bottle at that point.

A 4D Klein bottle however, is a map of a process wherein we time traversers pass through this apparent boundary, as if through a gap surrounding the neck where it enters the bottle, a nameless void with no frame of reference — off the grid, that violates the distinction between outer and inner, between you and me, between them and us.

In a dynamic 4D process this is the pivot point, where the trick is to leap, changing posture and orientation in midair, landing and continuing in balanced movement. In the leap, what was out, is in. What was old is new. What was done is undone. Change is enacted.

This is the leap we are being called on to make as individuals, as communities, as a world.

To see how it is done: watch Carlos Acosta’s inspiring leaps, in Le Corsaire in Japan:


Klein bottle process mapping

Physics of the leap

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