December 13, 2015

21C Expeditions: The Last Glaciers


I recently had an opportunity to travel to Patagonia in Argentina. One of the amazing natural wonders (there are many) is the Perito Moreno Glacier, one of the last moving glaciers on the planet. You can explore the glacier from all sides via a steel catwalk and a catamaran boat. I’ve compiled a few photographs into a self-guided Knowledge Expedition that you can launch with the link below.

A self-guided expedition allows you to immerse yourself into a story without others being present. You can, however, share the link with friends and be “there” at a given time to talk about the experience (bookmark it so you can return at a later time). One last thing about Knowledge Expeditions – when you enter the story, be there as a participant, not just as an observer. Feel that you are present and witnessing everything you see as if you are there in person. We call this enaction.

This is the second part in a series of self-guided tours. To visit the first part that we’ve created together with Sharon Blackie (a writer, storyweaver, and psychologist), you can follow this link. Both tours are created with our immersive online platform for collaborative sensemaking (ICSE). You can also sign up for a free demo excursion we do infrequently with a group of guests.

I encourage you to visit the new tour with the following link. As always, please keep parks clean and leave your comment on the last “page” of the tour. Enjoy!

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