January 3, 2016

Not like school

After too many years, students are still telling me about not learning in school, about didactic presentation and rote learning. They do not like it. They are tuning out and have been doing so for years. After each gatekeeping test everybody just wants to forget the pointless torture and move on, remembering little of the empty learning “experience” preceding the test. I was reminded of this upon hearing it again from guitar students in private lessons, where we have the non-school advantage of doing whatever we need to as learning partners.

This is what brought me to Sceenius, where we now have the ability and freedom to do whatever we need to as partners in learning, creation and production. We have found a way to make online collaboration as personally real as if it were a private lesson, meeting, project etc, even though we are scattered across the planet.

The same medieval chains that bind us in education also bind in work, culture and life at large. We couldn’t wait for the chains to come off, and for technology to advance, so we just went ahead as social artists and built a psychological platform, and a working relationship within and without it, developing time-saving principles and methods along the way, and integrating the platform with digital affordances.

This Sceenius platform makes online interaction human. We use it in our organization, whenever and whichever way we need it, to learn, create and produce.

I use what I learn in Sceenius in my work with students, and vice versa. They tell me “This isn’t like school — you really learn to play.”

The platform is generalizable to learning, creative, business, personal and other needs.

There is more to explore on the Sceenius site. Register directly here for a demo excursion into virtuereal enaction space.