Monthly Archives: December 2016

Happy New 2017


2016 was a critical year for Sceenius. We refined our collaboration platform, deepening immersion and adding a better user interface. We refactored the code base to accommodate more integration in the future. For example we just integrated the platform with Google Streetview to create “Streetwalk,” a virtual walk with a group of people, experienced in […]

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Blade Runner


 Have you ever admired the original Blade Runner opening titles? Yes? Here’s a chance to revisit them and compare them to our new (pure Javascript) opening titles for Sceenius participants (their names appear in the scroll) – be sure to turn the volume up:

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21C Org Design


How would conceive the design of a 21C organization based on the new realities of our highly dynamic, connected and participative world?  Or, as Jon Husband puts it so eloquently in his definition of “Wirearchy”,  how would you create “a dynamic two-way flow of power and authority, based on knowledge, trust, credibility and a focus on results, […]

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