December 27, 2016

Happy New 2017


2016 was a critical year for Sceenius. We refined our collaboration platform, deepening immersion and adding a better user interface. We refactored the code base to accommodate more integration in the future. For example we just integrated the platform with Google Streetview to create “Streetwalk,” a virtual walk with a group of people, experienced in real-time presence whether the collaborators are in actual proximity or scattered across the planet. Check out the new participative trailer that pulls participants right into the story [2]. We are now transferring knowledge content of authors’ books into collaborative interactive expedition experiences. We expanded our team with Flemming Funch, founder of the New Civilization Network and developer of software for facilitating self-organization of people, and Zach Schlosser, co-founder of The Numina System, writer, and meditation practitioner. Our crew is now five people strong which gives us momentum heading into 2017. As the Sceenius team grows, we are manifesting a holonic structure for our organization, beginning with three overlapping circles that represent the way we work — the Experience Space, the Production Studio and the Business Lounge [1]. Looking ahead we plan to add more immersive features to the platform (e.g. partial VR experiences) in preparation for a formal offering of ambiance-as-a-service in 2017.