February 9, 2018

A view from the Sun: #1 My house on the Sun


From my house on the sun I see solar vistas unfolding, with churning prominences, graceful filaments, erupting flares and soaring ejections, arrayed in a vast energy landscape. The nuclear molecules of my house, my body, and the entire plasma ecology are refreshed constantly and rapidly, assuming the forms and motions I intend.

From here I transceive communication with Earth and all the bodies and substances of the Solar System. I feel their connections in my body. They are the power source that sustains the constant reanimation of form in motion that is life on the Sun. 


I am aware of all the exchanges of meaning in the system. This transactional network awareness is mediated by an amplified transceiver in the observatory atop my house, which is designed and reconfigured on the fly, according to my intention.

Life on Earth is experiencing rapid and deep change, something I am intimately familiar with. Its understanding and development is the purpose of this communication. Through this channel I receive, reflect and transmit changing life experiences in stories, reports, static and moving images, in experiential immersions, or in whatever is available in the moment.

Being aware of what is available in the moment is part of understanding and developing change. This I learned in my life in the midst of flux on the Sun, and is my first offering of insight intended as an actionable contribution to the cause of transformation on Earth.


Do what must be done with what is at hand.

I learn from all the life experiences of the system and in turn reflect what I learn back into the system, from my vantage here in my house on the Sun. My life here is a simple model of the constant conscious change Earth’s transformation requires, that is, a lived model of fluid organization.

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