February 16, 2018

A View from the Sun: #2 Sundragon

sundragon R

Today’s Earth ephemeris, observed from the Sun – 

R.A. 10 00 44.66   DEC +12 09 47.7   delta 0.98811247492631   deldot 0.3489373  S-O-T 0.0000   S-T-O 0.0058   ICRF/J2000.0

My purpose in living in this house on the Sun is to enjoy the experience, and to learn how to develop rapid and deep change. My existence here — my house, my body, and the local Solar ecology — is based on deep level rapid refreshing of the nuclear molecules that comprise it. I do not consciously control change at that depth and speed — it is autonomic — but I do feel it in my body, and I do consciously create and change the shapes and movements of my self, my environment, and the things in it. This conscious change is still much faster than intentional change on Earth, of self and of society, and is therefore capable of generating models much more quickly than in the Earthly environment.

A sundragon is playing outside my window, romping through fields of flame that extend into the grand distance of the Sun’s turmoil and flux. I created it this morning. No matter how well I think I know a visualization, it is always shocking to see it come to life.


To create a thing, visualize it. To sustain its existence, remember its shape. Things have a shape in space. Actions have a shape in time.

The Earth ephemeris, and the ephemerides of all the bodies in the Solar System are available in readouts in the observatory at the top of my house, and tell me in which directions the planets, moons, asteroids, comets etc are located in their paths through time, viewed from the Sun. A comparable ephemeris of changing personal or organizational elements, functions, or qualities would let you track their status or movement at any time.

solar pathways

I experience something like this locally. For instance, by “listening” to the local plasma network, I know where the dragon is and I know that the dragon is hungry.

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