February 23, 2018

A View from the Sun: #3 Change is emotional


Although change here on the Sun can happen much faster than in the Earth environment, one thing is just as fast on Earth as it is on the Sun — the speed of emotional reaction to change. On the Sun I can build things and enact processes from the atoms up, at the speed of thought.

In everyday life on Earth though, reactions to change happen just as fast as solar dynamics, at the speed of emotion, for example in the moment when election results change from unknown to known. Or in the moment of realizing you are in love. In such a moment, there is an opportunity to shape emotional reaction as it is happening. This shaping of force can only be done with awareness, in the moment. The opportunity may last only a second or two. If I am aware of a change in meaning or circumstance, I take stock of myself and the event, with my best understanding in the moment, and decide what I feel, think, and will do about it. There is no time for deliberation. I know what I know, and do what I can do. After that, it can still be possible to reshape my being and intent, but it may take hours, years, or a lifetime.

Quickly noticing emotional reactions takes practice. The awareness muscle can be developed by using it in everyday life, such as recognizing that a change of emotional state was triggered by a random memory bubbling up. When I noticed a bittersweet feeling while petting an animal, I realized it was triggered by a memory of an animal friend who passed on. I decided to continue petting, with philosophical acceptance, even joy. If I had not noticed and acted, the emotional reaction could have evolved, without conscious attention, into inexplicable sadness that lasted for hours or all day.


Functionally similar change events also happen in social groups, organizations, societies, and the world at large. We still rely largely on medieval systems of learning, governance, transaction, and interaction. These institutions, without substantial reconfiguring, will not be able to handle the deep and rapid change which is coming, one way or the other. As individuals, organizations and societies, we can learn fast, conscious change, or we can succumb to the evolving vagaries of unexamined life.


Sunlog 0.98958270354413

I decided to live on the Sun, for enjoyment, and as a living experiment modeling fluid organization. The Sun-Earth communication link through which this message is being sent was activated on 0.98676387819769, referenced to Earth ephemeral delta relative to the Sun.

The first order of business was to establish a solar body for myself, to build a house, and to psycheform the local solar ecology — using the Cognitive Feedback Loop Amplifier, which allows me to shape my world at will, consciously and unconsciously sculpting the evolution of distribution functions in configuration space at the particle level.Atom molecule research

In the observatory atop my house on the Sun, I built the amplified transceiver which sends and receives signals to and from all the bodies (including Earth) and substances of the entire Solar System, out to the heliopause, the outer envelope of the system.

I have a friend now! — a sundragon who emerged from my psyche, who likes to eat solar plasma. In response, emerging from Earth environment, an earthdragon took flight in resonance with the sundragon, carrying out similar flight patterns. The real hope of this experiment is for just such correspondences to occur, in which we the people of Earth learn from the Sun how to enact badly needed, deep and rapid change.


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