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A view from the Sun: #7 Outer reaches


Voyager 1 is far out, beyond the outer skin of the solar system’s plasma bubble, truly having flown the solar nest, and is now a fledgeling child of the stars. Its ability to point its communication signal toward Earth is going to last longer than expected by a few years, because its deteriorating aiming thrusters are going […]

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A view from the sun: #6 Shadow times


Viewed from Earth, in the night sky, the movements of planets and spacecraft can be seen against the familiar constellations, among myriad stars. In the daytime the Sun washes the stars from sight, and hides its path across the now invisible sky map. Its path can only be inferred, not seen. There is a special […]

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A view from the Sun: #5 Shaping change as it happens


The effects of change may be felt for a long time, personally, organizationally, societally and ecosystemically. The backstory leading up to a change may have taken a long time. But the tipping point at which the change manifests is brief. Personally, change happens in a moment. This moment of personal experience is the kernel exemplar […]

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A view from the Sun: #4 Imagination as laboratory

imagine, it is

An imaginary event is a real experience. Imagination can explore the unexplorable to learn about something, like traveling at near light speed to learn about space and time. And it has the advantage of being experiential, rather than only theoretical. Therefore an imagined scenario is a laboratory. A novel may explore human experience in a […]

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