March 31, 2018

A view from the Sun: #8 Signs we hold in common


I found these three drafts, among many scattered on the desk at my solar atelier:   

The song is a map —

The network of paths the Creators laid down are alive in the 50,000 year old culture of indigenous Australian people, enacted in songlines in the minds of the people and in the geography of the terrain.

This neuro-geographical memory palace encodes ancient meanings founded in a hallmark of human evolution — walking. Dream paths are described in the mental actions of most of us, whether we can walk or not. The implications raised by the songlines are for all of us, for our survival and thrival.

The song of the Creators is a map, and reflects the cognitive and terrestrial landscape. One who sings the song learns the context by walking the living path. Inflection points in the path require decisions to be enacted, informed by our own and fellow walkers’ experience.

Traces of movement —

Human relationships form a knotted mass of continua rooted in history, evolution, and natural process. These continua, root and branch, are traces of the movement and changes of all life.

We live with the results of our ideas, which give more or less life to the inflection points along the continua. Changing our ideas will change the results. Continua examples include rich—poor, indigenous—governmental, urban—rural, estrogen—testosterone, slow—fast, old—new, and spiritual—material.

Cherish —

Once the structural patterns of our cherished things and places become known, they become signs, wieldable tools in actual and virtual realms. Through the shapes we hold in common, we communicate, and build worlds, and live in them, wherever two or more of us collaborate.


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image — Aboriginal art and storytelling video 3:32