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A view from the Sun: #12 A space for change


Early in the last century, evolving musical developments burst the seams of the 300-year-old structures of Western composition. The old hierarchical tonal structures were not eliminated by the new ones, any more than Bach was eliminated by Schoenberg, or than Newton was eliminated by Einstein, but their roles were transformed. As new atonal horizons opened, […]

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A view from the Sun: #11 Identity hacking


From the audience in the concert hall pictured in the photo, I once saw a music student who I had been collaborating with, performing on stage. At some point in the performance I suddenly had the visceral feeling that I was watching myself perform, as if in an out-of-body experience. I had an inkling but […]

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A view from the Sun: #10 Navigating interrelational change

interrelation-600 R

As on-the-ground conditions of life change, its social and ecosystemic forms evolve, combine, and recombine in unpredictable kaleidoscopic array. If one form is selected in isolation for study or management, it grows its way out of understanding and manageability, because it is not actually isolated, but is integral to a living milieu. Managing a school […]

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A view from the Sun: #9 Interstitial change


Intentional societal change happens in the cracks, where things are coming together or coming apart, in place and in time, at the interstices. These are where the edges of social forms are coming together, geographically, demographically, and temporally, or where newly formed edges are drawing apart as a social form divides. An interstice is an […]

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