In 2014, a group of individuals, each one with their own personal story, met without really knowing one another and began to talk about social presence, self-awareness and collective sensemaking. We imagined a place where our minds could meet, an adventurous, explorable world of our desire, where climbing to a higher vantage point would give us greater understanding and make more sense. The rare thing happened — from our online conversation a story emerged, and we stepped into it, continuing to collaborate within the now living story. The world we created was now a partner in its own development, and ours.
“Breaker – Basecamp to Village, this is Waterman at Conversation Community Basecamp on Sensemaking Plateau… ” —Ron Scroggin


Joachim Stroh
Explorer at the intersection of work, learn and play, bridging the gap between business & technology, seeking new ways of working and a softer approach to change management. He lives with his family in Brooklyn, New York.
John Kellden
Conversations that mind and matter: people, stories, insights & ideas – co-creating value, improving results. Wife, three grown kids, cat and dog in Norrkoping, Sweden. Coffee.
Ron Scroggin
Collaborating with people in the areas of music, performance, immersive learning, and psychology of spatial location and pattern recognition. Working and playing in Rogers Park, Chicago.

Let me bring you high on a climb, to make you see much further,
than you would know;
Dancing through all wind and snow, all our efforts, turned to flow,
hold us steady as we go:
Join the chorus, if you can; it'll make of us, a merry band... Let us find our voice and our name, prayer flags and stanzas clear
through windy maze -
To still our thirst and heal our gaze, our stumbling turned a newfound zest, as we take small steps along our quest: Life's long winding road is here - we'll climb along in winded cheer! Let us bring back all things refined, ancient chimes and new songs for all villagers - Greetings given 'round the bend, a movement clear beyond pretend, what once a stranger, now turned friend... A traveler through these wasteful times - with heartfelt prose - enacting rhymes...


Our mission is to provide a simple vehicle for personal and collective transformation, where human potential becomes realized through enactive intersubjectivity (aka scenius), unfolding along a deeply immersive storyline. Every single time.
“Any sufficiently advanced graph traversal is indistinguishable from a skillful weaving between enacting and questing dispositions, combining immersion and play.” —John Kellden


Our vision is to make our world, ourselves, fully able to think, feel, and make sense — one person, one tribe, one organization, one community at a time.