Joachim Stroh

Sceenius Method Cards


At Sceenius, we’ve been into method cards for a long time. In fact, we took method cards to the very first expeditions up Sagarmatha. John Kellden has been using method cards for decades in his own practice. We know method cards. That’s why we’re proud to announce a new way to use cards at Sceenius: embedding […]

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Rain: A Look Back


If you haven’t seen Rain, please go watch it now. Try to turn off your analytical brain and immerse yourself in it (go fullscreen). Picture yourself looking outside a glass window on a dark and rainy night sometime in 2042. Look back in time on all the good and bad things that happened in the […]

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The Sceenius Clicker Continued


Following up on my previous post and some seriously good feedback on the Sceenius Clicker, here is some thinking on where we’d like to go with this. The Clicker is a set of 12 intentions that “annotate” any type of conversation canvas, including meetings, hangouts, or chats. The action (to click) is quick and easy to perform […]

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The Sceenius Clicker


Have you ever stood in front of a group and wanted to know how your talk is perceived? Have you ever given a long presentation and wanted to know if your points are coming across? If you are going too fast or too slow? If the group is ready to move on or wants to […]

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What is Enaction?


“Enaction is the idea that organisms create their own experience through their actions.”—Edwin Hutchins When we enter the KE-verse, we enact a scene, we do not act out the scene. There’s a significant difference between enacting and acting. Acting is following a script and taking on a role, a character that is different from your […]

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2019: A Knowledge Expedition


His proximity sensor was emitting a loud noise – beep, beep, beep. He picked up his mobile device and checked into the current story point. Ah – three sherpas and eighteen traveler were up and had gathered at C3 for tea and coffee. Looks like the group was ready for today’s hike up to camp […]

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The Sherpa team continued the discussion on value proposition and I’d like to share some some of our thoughts here. What we do can be depicted as a Venn diagram with three sets: a Virtuereality Space (a virtuereal story-as-scaffolding that unfolds over a given period of time through excursions and expeditions), a Process Mapping Space (a shared narrative that adjusts […]

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21C Wayfinding: The Meeting Map


+Dave Pollard has a mind-blowing piece on how to reshape meetings through what he calls The Meeting Map which is based on Arthur Brock’s work at Emerging Leader Labs and Gameshifting. Dave explains the tool on his blog, below image is my amplification & application in a Sceenius context. Note the method cards on top that provide […]

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Sceenius Value Proposition


The Sherpa team had an interesting discussion on value proposition today and I’d like to share some of our thoughts with this diagram. We see the value potential in being able to move from point A (before) to point B (after). That’s all. Now, the person that you are at point A will be different […]

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