Ron Scroggin

A view from the sun: #6 Shadow times


Viewed from Earth, in the night sky, the movements of planets and spacecraft can be seen against the familiar constellations, among myriad stars. In the daytime the Sun washes the stars from sight, and hides its path across the now invisible sky map. Its path can only be inferred, not seen. There is a special […]

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A view from the Sun: #5 Shaping change as it happens


The effects of change may be felt for a long time, personally, organizationally, societally and ecosystemically. The backstory leading up to a change may have taken a long time. But the tipping point at which the change manifests is brief. Personally, change happens in a moment. This moment of personal experience is the kernel exemplar […]

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A view from the Sun: #4 Imagination as laboratory

imagine, it is

An imaginary event is a real experience. Imagination can explore the unexplorable to learn about something, like traveling at near light speed to learn about space and time. And it has the advantage of being experiential, rather than only theoretical. Therefore an imagined scenario is a laboratory. A novel may explore human experience in a […]

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A View from the Sun: #2 Sundragon

sundragon R

Today’s Earth ephemeris, observed from the Sun –  R.A. 10 00 44.66   DEC +12 09 47.7   delta 0.98811247492631   deldot 0.3489373  S-O-T 0.0000   S-T-O 0.0058   ICRF/J2000.0 My purpose in living in this house on the Sun is to enjoy the experience, and to learn how to develop rapid and deep change. My existence here — my house, my body, and the local Solar […]

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A view from the Sun: #1 My house on the Sun


From my house on the sun I see solar vistas unfolding, with churning prominences, graceful filaments, erupting flares and soaring ejections, arrayed in a vast energy landscape. The nuclear molecules of my house, my body, and the entire plasma ecology are refreshed constantly and rapidly, assuming the forms and motions I intend. From here I […]

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In a Wild Garden: Convivial Equipoise


The online Conversation Community is loosely organized in its configuration and content, more like a wild garden than are cultivated special interest communities in fields like the arts, philosophy and science, and in educational, professional and business organizations. It is a hotbed of group generative processes: on Facebook, and on Google+ One of the community’s […]

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Confluence: a high-flying conversation about the power of art and artifacts in a network

Confluence Journey rs

We saw a new world below us. Our thoughts, feelings and intentions were projected on its surface in multicolor array, as if land masses, seas, inlets, peninsulas, islands, mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes and tributaries constituted a geography of human meaning. We were flying high above this unexplored terrain in the metaphorical Feynman transliminal transport vehicle, […]

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Crystal ball Nepal: How do we design the future?

Nepal culture by altitude

The current tension between the world’s momentum and its inertia is playing itself out in Nepal’s ancient cultural landscape, revealed in interacting social, economic and geographical forms, which include some of the worlds lowest, and its highest features. What is happening in the world is happening in Nepal. Small in geographical area, Nepal’s spectacular landscape […]

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