Ron Scroggin

Nepal trekking: Onward and upward


  ICEFALL DOCTORS A team of elite guides,  “icefall doctors” are engineering a safe route across the Khumbu glacier, toward Sagarmatha’s peak (Mt Everest), in the aftermath of last summer’s earthquake in Nepal: Work starts early: “If it’s good weather and we are at Base Camp, I start work at six in the morning. If […]

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Sceenius Knowledge Expeditions: What is below the surface?

Kaindy 3 divers

  What is below the surface of a Knowledge Expedition? It could be SPICE, the Sensemaking Platform for Immersive Collaborative Experiences, or the expertise of Sceenius guides and expediters. It could be the intentions of the people in the expedition, or the implicit meaning of the story they (we) enact, outcome unknown. It could be […]

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Nepal business: a tough road

Nepal business

  TRADE Nepal is landlocked between China and India. World demand for the country’s exports is growing. Most goods going overseas have to be shipped to the port of Kolkata in India, a land journey of 1-3 weeks. The road from Kathmandu to Kolkata is long and hard. And beaureaucratic — with many certificates, documents […]

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Artful steward: Janelle Monae on catalyzing group dynamics

Janelle dynamics

Listen to and watch the (acclaimed, nominated for six Grammys singer, writer, producer, rapper, enactivist) Janelle Monáe Tightrope performance. It is a 5 minute neurodownload seminar on leadership, advocacy, enaction, presence et al. Doesn’t matter much whether you like it, or if it’s your style. Just open brain and dump it in. Before (or after) […]

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Core human experience: How do you feel?!

Core affect - how do you feel

  “What if music didn’t exist?” “Yikes.. I can’t believe, in years of playing and teaching music, I never asked myself that question.” “When we were talking about music as the brain’s language,” Eden said, “I wondered, if it is that deep, what does it say about us. That’s when I thought of the experiment: […]

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The nomadic Raute people of Nepal

  ≥≤ Sagarmatha Dispatch-Gazette ≥≤ In western Nepal, a group of the Raute people still follow an ancient nomadic hunter-gatherer way of life, staying in one place for a few weeks, then moving on. The trek through monsoon forests at altitudes of 2,000-8,000ft may take 12 years, to cover the full 12,000 square mile territory […]

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Tools of self creation


We already create our own existence to some extent by modifying the physical environment and participating in the world of thought. Some of the effects of our actions come back to us in a loop as part of our stream of perceived existence. If I paint my room off-white I will have a different experience […]

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Flatlands of Nepal: the Terai

≥≤ Sagarmatha Dispatch-Gazette ≥≤ Dharan, second largest city in eastern Nepal, channel of trade and hub of tourism, sits where the mountains meet the plains, gateway between Mountain and Village. South of Dharan, the Mahabharat foothills flatten out into the lowlands, and become hot, humid alluvial flats. Here is the most fertile agricultural region in […]

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Stable Patterns in a changing social field

It is always easy to make a pattern unstable, but much harder to determine if it is truly stable. – Daniel Richard Durkin* In a dynamic environment, stable patterns will nonetheless emerge, as will for example, hexagonal columns in a pot of boiling water. In the Decay of Turbulence video, when stimulus of turbulence is […]

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Sherpa guides of Nepal

sherpa return

≥≤ Sagarmatha Dispatch-Gazette ≥≤ 30,000 years ago a genetic adaptation to high altitude emerged in ancestors of today’s Sherpa people. 1300 years ago the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism emerged as part of Sherpa culture. These two elements, the physical adaptation and the practice of awareness, incubating in the mystical environment of the Himalayas in […]

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