Ron Scroggin

Virtuereality: climes of imagination

otherside of life

There is a hidden, imagined side of life, a near-subliminal running account of what seems to be — or what might be — perhaps often spent in wandering daydreams. This stream of imagination can be appreciated and enjoyed, and its momentum applied to a process or project.          stream, momentum When two or more people “cross […]

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Glyph diving in a social field


Where you are, and what is happening now in social space, is your social moment. It is the product of social substance (attention, response, sympathy, et al) and current distance from a social leverage point. Movement (yours, mine, ours) in a social field can be visualized by mapping it to a grid and calculating the […]

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The Task: Your flow production

your flow production

By your intentions, and by all intentions, and by the unknown, you are chosen to fulfill this Task. You now know, whether by choice, circumstance or both, that your job and creative task is to get from the current situation to a better one. . . . . . . . . . Where you […]

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Wonders of high Nepal


≥≤ Sagarmatha Dispatch-Gazette ≥≤ WONDERS OF HIGH NEPAL Himalayan skies Ngozumpa Glacier – largest in Nepal Himalayas Sagarmatha (Everest), Lhotse, Makalu, Cho Oyu – neighboring mountains Cho Oyu – Gyachung Ice Ridge – tremendous ice ridge between mountains Gokyo – one of the highest settlements in the world, a small group of stone homes at […]

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Vector in the field

Sun, flowers

  Come forward Be sceene Open your self to the Sun, Flower __________________________________ In 2065, if things don’t go as badly as we might think, we will have nearly direct, nearly real-time mental communication. We can simulate this kind of mental intercommunication. When we enact (not simply view) the simulation, it is a felt experience, […]

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†h∑ Kπ◊wl∑dg∑ ∑xp∑d¡†¡◊π§: Virtual Travelers go to the International Space Station


“Mike is getting into it!” said Joachim. “Mike! I want the Easter Eggs too!” Said Steph. Mike laughed. He was endlessly exploring commands in the SPICE interface to find Easter Egg sound effects. They were in the virtual Sagarmatha Café having coffee, getting ready for a Knowledge Excursion, already engaged in it really, because they […]

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ISS - Angkor Wat

At a table at the Sagarmatha Café, where a Knowledge Expedition team plans their Virtuereal trip: “ready for espresso….. here you go……. double for me please…  ok, hold on……. some mission briefing for today’s excursion….. this coffee tastes local……. la vida loca……. Ok here’s the location…” ___________________ Deep in a forest in southeast Kazakhstan, on […]

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