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Happy New 2017

2016 was a critical year for Sceenius. We refined our collaboration platform, deepening immersion and adding a better user interface. We refactored the code base to accommodate more integration in the…
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Blade Runner

 Have you ever admired the original Blade Runner opening titles? Yes? Here’s a chance to revisit them and compare them to our new (pure Javascript) opening titles for Sceenius participants (the…
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21C Org Design

How would conceive the design of a 21C organization based on the new realities of our highly dynamic, connected and participative world?  Or, as Jon Husband puts it so eloquently in his definition o…
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Not like school

After too many years, students are still telling me about not learning in school, about didactic presentation and rote learning. They do not like it. They are tuning out and have been doing so for yea…
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Rain: A Look Back

If you haven’t seen Rain, please go watch it now. Try to turn off your analytical brain and immerse yourself in it (go fullscreen). Picture yourself looking outside a glass window on a dark and …
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Tools of self creation

We already create our own existence to some extent by modifying the physical environment and participating in the world of thought. Some of the effects of our actions come back to us in a loop as part…
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The Sceenius Clicker

Have you ever stood in front of a group and wanted to know how your talk is perceived? Have you ever given a long presentation and wanted to know if your points are coming across? If you are going too…
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Sun, flowers

Vector in the field

  Come forward Be sceene Open your self to the Sun, Flower __________________________________ In 2065, if things don’t go as badly as we might think, we will have nearly direct, nearly real…
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ISS - Angkor Wat


At a table at the Sagarmatha Café, where a Knowledge Expedition team plans their Virtuereal trip: “ready for espresso….. here you go……. double for me please…  ok, hold on……. some m…
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