Not like school

After too many years, students are still telling me about not learning in school, about didactic presentation and rote learning. They do not like it. They are tuning out and have been doing so for years. After each gatekeeping test everybody just wants to forget the pointless torture and move on, remembering little of the […]

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Sceenius Knowledge Expeditions: What is below the surface?

Kaindy 3 divers

  What is below the surface of a Knowledge Expedition? It could be SPICE, the Sensemaking Platform for Immersive Collaborative Experiences, or the expertise of Sceenius guides and expediters. It could be the intentions of the people in the expedition, or the implicit meaning of the story they (we) enact, outcome unknown. It could be […]

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The Sceenius Clicker


Have you ever stood in front of a group and wanted to know how your talk is perceived? Have you ever given a long presentation and wanted to know if your points are coming across? If you are going too fast or too slow? If the group is ready to move on or wants to […]

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What is Enaction?


“Enaction is the idea that organisms create their own experience through their actions.”—Edwin Hutchins When we enter the KE-verse, we enact a scene, we do not act out the scene. There’s a significant difference between enacting and acting. Acting is following a script and taking on a role, a character that is different from your […]

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Vector in the field

Sun, flowers

  Come forward Be sceene Open your self to the Sun, Flower __________________________________ In 2065, if things don’t go as badly as we might think, we will have nearly direct, nearly real-time mental communication. We can simulate this kind of mental intercommunication. When we enact (not simply view) the simulation, it is a felt experience, […]

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