Crystal ball Nepal: How do we design the future?

Nepal culture by altitude

The current tension between the world’s momentum and its inertia is playing itself out in Nepal’s ancient cultural landscape, revealed in interacting social, economic and geographical forms, which include some of the worlds lowest, and its highest features. What is happening in the world is happening in Nepal. Small in geographical area, Nepal’s spectacular landscape […]

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Social experiment: Alice’s guitar lesson

SoX - Alice's guitar lesson

[This fictionalized real-life guitar lesson was also an experiment in enacting scenius — group/scene genius. Following the story of the lesson is the story of the scenius module that helped generate it. The story has already begun and is now addressing Alice:] Alice, these guitar lessons, and our conversations on many topics, benefit me in […]

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21C Expeditions: The Last Glaciers


I recently had an opportunity to travel to Patagonia in Argentina. One of the amazing natural wonders (there are many) is the Perito Moreno Glacier, one of the last moving glaciers on the planet. You can explore the glacier from all sides via a steel catwalk and a catamaran boat. I’ve compiled a few photographs into a […]

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Sceenius Cards: The Social Field Deck


We have just received our first batch of printed method cards for Sceenius, the Social Field Deck. These cards are intended to guide participants through the various stages and outcomes of a short Knowledge Quest or longer Knowledge Expedition. Initially, we will be dealing cards virtually using our Sensemaking Platform for Immersive Collaborative Experience (SPICE) but will […]

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In the Forests of Brittany

old stone bridge

We recently had an opportunity to create an immersive self-guided knowledge quest based on a blog post from Dr Sharon Blackie titled In the Forests of Brittany: meetings with remarkable trees. Sharon Blackie, writer, storyweaver, psychologist and editor “living in a small cottage by a river in the hills of wild and beautiful County Donegal, […]

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Sceenius Method Cards


At Sceenius, we’ve been into method cards for a long time. In fact, we took method cards to the very first expeditions up Sagarmatha. John Kellden has been using method cards for decades in his own practice. We know method cards. That’s why we’re proud to announce a new way to use cards at Sceenius: embedding […]

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Nepal trekking: Onward and upward


  ICEFALL DOCTORS A team of elite guides,  “icefall doctors” are engineering a safe route across the Khumbu glacier, toward Sagarmatha’s peak (Mt Everest), in the aftermath of last summer’s earthquake in Nepal: Work starts early: “If it’s good weather and we are at Base Camp, I start work at six in the morning. If […]

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