†h∑ Kπ◊wl∑dg∑ ∑xp∑d¡†¡◊π§: Virtual Travelers go to the International Space Station


“Mike is getting into it!” said Joachim. “Mike! I want the Easter Eggs too!” Said Steph. Mike laughed. He was endlessly exploring commands in the SPICE interface to find Easter Egg sound effects. They were in the virtual Sagarmatha Café having coffee, getting ready for a Knowledge Excursion, already engaged in it really, because they […]

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Sceenius Value Proposition


The Sherpa team had an interesting discussion on value proposition today and I’d like to share some of our thoughts with this diagram. We see the value potential in being able to move from point A (before) to point B (after). That’s all. Now, the person that you are at point A will be different […]

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21C Monday Magazine: Some Thinks Take Time


Issue 69 — Mar 30, 2015 “The time away from time and goal (kairos) is a direct portal to collective consciousness and understanding. It speeds up the rate of meaning transfer among people, faster and faster, over minutes, days and months, and a qualitative change begins to happen — a new consciousness emerges. Let the remixing times roll! […]

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ISS - Angkor Wat

At a table at the Sagarmatha Café, where a Knowledge Expedition team plans their Virtuereal trip: “ready for espresso….. here you go……. double for me please…  ok, hold on……. some mission briefing for today’s excursion….. this coffee tastes local……. la vida loca……. Ok here’s the location…” ___________________ Deep in a forest in southeast Kazakhstan, on […]

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21C Transition Magazine: Questions


Issue 71 — April 12, 2015 “The resolution of these questions will, for good or for ill, describe a world that is so profoundly different from anything that humanity has yet experienced as to truly be the end of an era.” — +Jordan Greenhall What follows is a wireframe around which human beings playing and working can cocreate […]

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