A Guide to Creating the Perfect Instagram Picture Understanding Landscape Dimensions

Instagram Landscape Dimensions

Are you looking to start a DIY gardening blog? There's tons of potential topics you could cover to inspire others to start their own gardening journey. You could cover topics ranging from outdoor lighting design and installation, creating a pollinator-friendly garden, designing a child and pet-friendly garden, building and maintaining a compost pile, or DIY garden projects like trellises and raised beds. Whatever you choose, it's important to consider the right Instagram landscape dimensions, too, so you can engage your followers easily.

When it comes to outdoor lighting design and installation, you can talk about selecting the right lights and helping people choose the right layout to help add curb appeal and keep away potential burglars. You can even include tutorials for how to install the outdoor light fixtures and controllers.

Creating a pollinator-friendly garden is an important topic. You can talk about what flowers to plant to attract native insects, and how to build habitat boxes and bee houses for them. This is especially important for gardeners living in urban areas.

If you have children and pets at home, designing a child and pet-friendly garden is a great idea. You can discuss how to plant non-toxic, edible plants that are child and pet-safe. Additionally, you can talk about finding the best spot in your garden for a pet play area and sandbox, as well as tips for creating a safe, secure garden space.

Another great DIY garden project is building and maintaining a compost pile. You can focus on composting tips, such as how often to turn the pile, what ingredients to include for the best home compost, and how to choose the best location for composting.

Finally, there are tons of DIY garden projects such as trellises, raised beds, and more. You can discuss how to build a trellis from scratch, the materials you'll need, where to buy them, and tutorials for building and installing the trellis. With raised beds, you can discuss what type of materials to use, how to install the beds for the best drainage, and tips for choosing the best spot in your garden for raised beds.

These are just some great topics you can cover in a DIY gardening blog. No matter what your niche is, remember to consider the correct Instagram landscape dimensions when adding photos to help engage your followers. Happy gardening in the spring sunshine!