Big Rocks for Landscaping Where To Get Them


When it comes to landscaping your outdoor space, the big rocks you place are a paramount consideration. No matter what kind of outdoor space you are hoping to create, the right combination of rocks will be necessary. Knowing where to get these big rocks for landscaping is essential before you begin your project. This article will cover 8-12 topics related to where to get big rocks for landscaping, including popular subtopics for a deeper understanding, and detailed descriptions to help you understand the best places to purchase rocks for your outdoor space. Use these topics to create your project plan and make the big rocks you need a reality.

Topic 1 Quarries

Sourcing rocks from a nearby quarry is one of the most cost-effective and organized ways to get the rocks you need. Despite the need to rent or purchase the necessary heavy machinery, a quarry can be a source of a wide variety of rock types from sandstone to limestone in various sizes. It is always important to check local regulations before attempting to use a quarry for any of your projects.

Topic 2 Landscaping Suppliers

Local landscaping suppliers will almost always have an ample supply of rocks for whatever your project may be. Whether you are looking for retaining walls, walkways, or simply ground cover, they will be able to fill your needs without the trouble of building your own rock selection. They should also be able to guide you with respect to mixing and matching different rock types for the desired effect.

Topic 3 Building Suppliers

Similar to landscaping suppliers, building suppliers can also be a great source of rocks for all types of projects. As these suppliers typically specialize in heavier materials or those more suitable for building purposes, they may have a wider variety of rock sizes and shapes to choose from.

Topic 4 Gravel Suppliers

Gravel suppliers are also a great place to get rocks for a landscaping project. Whether you are wanting stones for a walkway or large rocks for expanses of ground cover, gravel suppliers have various types of river stones, crushed stone, lava rock, and other rock materials.

Topic 5 Rock Pile Onsite

Constructing a rock pile onsite is also an option if your project does not require a wide variety of rock types. A rock pile allows you to source the right rock from the environment and separate them out into various categories of sizes and shapes. You can then use the rocks you need and set aside the rest.

Topic 6 Rock Yards

Rock yards are a great option for those who are looking for bulk supplies of rocks for their landscaping projects. Many of these yards will have multiple types of rock available so you can find the right combination to give you the look you are after.

Topic 7 Garden Centers

Your local garden center can be a great source for rocks for landscaping projects. You will be able to find a variety of several rock types including river stones, slate, boulder, and quartz. Not only will you have access to a variety of types, but garden centers also typically sell rocks in package form so you can get the exact size you need without having to sort through.

Topic 8 Local Seashore

If you are near a seashore or beach, you can also collect various rocks for use in your landscaping project. Of course, this option comes with some risks as certain types of rocks can cause damage to the environment. However, in the right circumstances, rocks can be collected for use in a variety of ways.

Topic 9 Scavenge for Rocks

Scavenging for rocks is also an option if you are willing to put in the time and effort. Rocks can be found in a variety of places that can be transformed into a landscaping project. Rock walls and paths can often be found along old roadways and trails in forests and rural areas.

Topic 10 Local Artisans

Another option when it comes to sources of rocks for landscaping projects is to work with local artisans who specialize in creating unique pathways and landscaping features. Many of these artisans will supply and install the rocks for you, or they can create custom art pieces from the rocks that you have gathered. Not only will you get the rocks you need but you can also get a truly one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Topic 11 Online Rock Suppliers

Another option when it comes to finding the right rocks for your project is to use an online rock supplier. These suppliers are becoming a more and more popular option as they make it easier for you to find the right rocks without the hassle of traveling or scouring for them. You can typically shop for bulk rock orders online and have them shipped directly to your project site.

Topic 12 Reclaimed Rock

Lastly, you can source rocks from reclaimed sources. Many landscaping projects use rocks that have been removed from other sites or taken from natural resources. Reclaimed rock is often the most cost-effective solution for landscaping projects that require large amounts of rocks.


Finding the right rocks for your landscaping projects is not always easy but with the right research and resources, you"ll be able to find what you need. This article introduced 8-12 topics related to where to get big rocks for landscaping with popular subtopics for a deeper understanding and detailed descriptions. Use this information to help you come up with project plans and get the big rocks you need for your project.