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Ready to take the plunge into a greener environmental future, but not quite sure where to begin? Well, you've come to the right place! We're here to help you pick the perfect eco-friendly project that fits your lifestyle.

One of the more popular options is drought-tolerant landscaping. These plants are hardy and will save you time and water in the long run. Start gathering the necessary landscape supply and kick off the process with an inventory of your home's strengths and vulnerabilities. As it relates to drought-tolerant plants, identifying the aspect of light and soil type is key to success.

Organic pest and weed control is another excellent eco-friendly option. Utilizing natural predators of pests to interfere with their destruction of plants in your lawn. You can also opt for organic weed killers. Pulling weeds may be the traditional way to rid your lawn of pesky flora, but with products like Bte Ite, a natural weed suppressant, you can put your weeding days behind you.

If you live in a location with plenty of rainfall, why not capture and use its power? Rainwater harvesting and utilization is always a great way to conserve natural resources. There are a variety of ways you can implement this strategy. Rain barrels are great way to start with, and don't forget, access to a water pump will help you utilize your collected resource.

Sustainable landscaping practices is a broad ranging topic, but the end goal is appropriate management of your property's resources, focusing on sustainable soil, air and water quality. Things you can do to increase sustainability could include adding native plant landscaping. These plants require less environmental inputs such as chemicals and water. Most importantly, they are resistant to drought, which is a great benefit!

What about the benefits native plant landscaping? Native plants are pre-adapted to the local soil and climate conditions, allowing for less use of chemical fertilizers and irrigation. Additionally, they are better at encouraging wildlife, as there is diversity of species. Plus, their deep roots help add to the soil structure, promoting aeration improving water drainage and stability. Overallif you are looking for a sustainable landscaping option, native plants can be a great choice.

We hope this quick rundown of eco-friendly projects and practices has gotten you motivated to start your environment friendly initiatives. With just a few steps and the right landscape supplies, you can make a world of difference.