Experience the Landscape Of Camp Harlam


Located in the heart of Pennsylvania's scenic Pocono Mountains, Camp Harlam offers a unique and memorable summer experience for thousands of Jewish children and teenagers each year. This expansive campground has something to suit every camper, from the more traditional team-building activities, to one-of-a-kind outdoor adventures like zip-lining through the treetops and camping under the stars. In this article, we will take you through an in-depth exploration of the Camp Harlam experience, discussing its meaning and significance and providing you with all the information you need to fully appreciate this incredible place.

The Meaning of Camp Harlam

At its core, Camp Harlam aims to create a vibrant, inclusive, and warm community for every person who sets foot on its grounds. Emphasizing positive Jewish values, this camp offers countless opportunities for campers to form strong bonds, both with their fellow campers and with the staff who are dedicated to making their experience a truly memorable one.

From the picturesque landscape that envelops the grounds to the innovative programs and activities carefully designed to help campers explore and appreciate the natural world, Camp Harlam encourages each individual to recognize and respect the beauty and importance of their environment. The landscape of Camp Harlam provides a lush and varied backdrop that helps reinforce the importance of caring for the earth, as well as acting as an exciting and engaging playground for outdoor fun and adventure.

At Camp Harlam, the focus is not solely on having fun and making friends, but also on fostering personal growth and development. Through a diverse array of activities and experiences offered at the camp, children and teenagers are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones, challenge themselves, and ultimately, discover new passions and talents. Whether they're honing their skills in sports, developing their creativity through art, or learning essential life skills through initiatives like leadership programs, campers leave with a renewed sense of self-confidence, resilience, and a commitment to personal growth.

Pros and Cons

As a well-established and highly regarded Jewish overnight camp, Camp Harlam boasts some clear advantages:

  • A strong sense of community and inclusivity, welcoming children from various backgrounds and fostering meaningful connections to Jewish values and traditions.
  • Beautiful natural surroundings, offering diverse opportunities for adventure and outdoor exploration.
  • An array of engaging and enriching activities tailored to different age groups, ensuring that all campers find something they enjoy and thrive in.
  • Opportunities for personal growth, life skill development, and fostering a sense of responsibility and leadership.
  • A supportive and attentive staff, dedicated to making each camper's experience a positive and fulfilling one.

As with every camp experience, there are some potential disadvantages associated with Camp Harlam:

  • The cost of attending Camp Harlam may be prohibitive for some families, which may limit access and diversity among campers.
  • As an overnight camp, some campers may experience homesickness or difficulty adjusting to new routines and being away from family members.
  • The rural location of the camp may make transportation to and from camp more challenging or time-consuming for some families.

When comparing Camp Harlam to other Jewish summer camps, there are a few key factors to consider:

  • The size and scope of Camp Harlam, offering campers a wide array of programs and activities to suit their interests and needs.
  • The emphasis on creating a strong and inclusive Jewish community, which is a cornerstone of the Camp Harlam experience.
  • The beautiful natural setting that distinguishes the camp from other summer programs, offering unique opportunities for outdoor exploration and adventure.
  • Highly qualified and experienced staff who work tirelessly to create a positive, nurturing environment for campers.

Camp Harlam accepts campers from 2nd grade through 10th grade, with programs and activities tailored to different age groups to ensure the best possible experience for everyone.

There are options for both two-week and four-week sessions, as well as staff-led travel programs for teens in the summer.

Campers can participate in a wide variety of activities including sports, arts and crafts, performing arts, science and technology programs, outdoor adventure and more.

Yes, Camp Harlam offers a variety of financial aid options such as scholarships and grants to help make the camp experience accessible for more families.

Camp Harlam is dedicated to making their camp experience inclusive for all, offering support and accommodations for campers with a variety of needs, including the Tikvah Program which provides additional resources for campers on the autism spectrum or with other special needs.


In conclusion, Camp Harlam offers a truly transformative and unforgettable summer experience for Jewish children and teens. With its strong emphasis on community, appreciation for nature, and countless opportunities for personal growth and skill development, campers leave with lasting memories and the tools they need to thrive in the world outside. Though it may not be the perfect fit for everyone, those who have the chance to immerse themselves in the landscape of Camp Harlam walk away with a sense of belonging, self-confidence, and a renewed connection to their heritage and values.