Exploring Different Types of Landscapes Around the World

Garden Design Principles

Designing an outdoor garden or landscape is a process. It is a combination of art and science that requires thought, planning, and a deep appreciation of the environment. Creating a garden or landscape that functions with the environment and neighbors is a challenge. It takes understanding of the various types of landscaping, their purpose, and knowing your environment. With these considerations in mind, a garden or landscape is sure to turn out great!

Landscape design can be broken down into several categories. These are formal, informal, and natural. Formal landscape design utilizes order and symmetry to create an organized and refined garden. Use of straight lines, concentric circles, and quincunxes are prominent in formal designs. Informal landscaping usually has more curves and freeform lines that are designed to create a unique look. Natural designs use native plants and natural materials to blend the garden with its surroundings.

Prairie gardens are characterized by billowing grasses and colorful flowers. This type of garden Bed is particularly adapted to Midwestern areas and grows well in rocky soil. It adds multitude of color and texture that will impress visitors.

Butterfly gardens are a special type of landscaping. They are not only aesthetically pleasing but they attract important pollinators. Adding a few butterfly plants in the garden will attract not only butterflies but birds as well. The colors of the flowers and foliage of these plants should be carefully chosen to maximize their impact on the garden.

Desert gardens are particularly adapted to warm climates. These gardens typically have succulents, cacti, and other plants that are used to hot and dry climates. A good design tip for Desert gardens is to group plants according to how much water they need.

Tropical landscape designs are all the rage right now. These designs feature lush foliage, vibrant colors, and plenty of water features to help keep everything flourishing in even the hottest climates. The key to creating a successful tropical garden is to pay attention to the soil"s pH level and drainage. Planting tropical vegetation in a container off the ground is a good way to mitigate any potential issues.

The key to successful gardening is choosing the right plants for your climate. Checking the plant"s USDA map is one way to determine whether or not a plant will grow in your area. Knowing the annual last frost date is another way to get an idea of which plants are best for your climate. It is also important to be mindful of any environmental factors in your area that could affect a plant"s growth.

Seasonal flowerbed planning is an important part of designing a garden. It allows for a well-rounded look year-round and is great for planning ahead and working on a budget. Start by selecting a few flowers and plants that hold up well in the off-season. These can be combined with plants that do well in the warmer months. By planning ahead and using this method, you can be sure to have a garden that looks good all year round.

Shade gardening can be a challenge but it does not have to be. Some plants actually prefer the shade and can provide a great look while staying true to the environment. Adding these plants to your landscape design will make it more visually appealing and they can also help create a tranquil atmosphere. Selecting plants with broad foliage will add texture to the landscape and also attract birds and other wildlife. Layering planting beds and adding some ground covers can also help create a cohesive look.

Garden design is a creative combination of art and science. From formal to natural, there are many different types of garden designs. Choosing the right plants for your climate is critical to success. Seasonal flowerbed planning allows for year round color and beauty. Shade gardening is very popular and selecting the right plants and techniques can make all the difference. It is vital to understand the environment and take the time to create a garden or landscape that functions and looks great!