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How to Sharpen Garden Tools Like a Pro?

by  | Oct 9, 2022 | garden tools | 0 comments

Garden tools are your friend. They add charm to your garden and enhance the growth of your plants. After a couple of years of service, it’s common for your favorite garden tools, such as garden cutters to start losing their edge. It makes you sad to see your garden tools losing their sharpness and the discomfort you face while using them.

How to sharpen garden tools? There are numerous methods to sharpen tools, but the best is filing. Filing is inexpensive and gives you greater control than a fast-spinning wheel that throws sparks.

Shears, shovels, knives, and cutters, everything becomes blunt over time. It makes them less efficient and dangerous. So how to sharpen Garden Tools? You can keep your tools sharp with these great tips. It will require time as you might have to run to the hardware store or home center to collect the needed material.

Before starting the process, make sure you have the things listed below-

Sharpening projects may include:

  • High-grit sandpaper or steel wool
  • The files (triangle, mill, etc.)
  • A vise or similar clamp
  • A grinder for larger blades
  • A whetstone for knives and other tools
  • Mineral oil for lubrication, cleanup, and protection

What’s the first step in how to Sharpen Garden tools? It’s preparing your tools before sharpening them. Use a steel wool pad or wire brush and remove rust from the blade or the edges.

If the rust is not removed, it will wear down the teeth on the file.

After removing the rust, spray WD-40 or mineral oil in it.

It helps prevent rust and enables tools like hedge sheers to open and close without sticking. Always Use a cloth to wipe the excess lubricant.

The next step in how to Sharpen Garden tools is filing the gardener tool. A 10-12 inch mill fill is enough to shape the edges. A so-called bastard cut mill file is a great all-purpose choice for lawn and garden tools. It gives you a sharp edge without being overly aggressive and potentially damaging the blade.

Also, this file sharpens the blade when you push it over the blade. Make sure to file it against the edge and keep checking after a couple of strokes. The blades will turn out to be uniformly shiny.

How to sharpen garden tools is not only about knowing the basics of filing. Every garden tool is different and requires different treatment. For some, filing is necessary once a season and some require regular filing.

Check out our guide to how to sharpen garden tools? and clear your doubts.

Note- Always clean your tool of dirt and debris. Remove the rust (if any) using sandpaper or vinegar solution.

What does a sharp shear do? It gives you fast, clean cuts rather than chewing on the branch or vine. A sharp shear minimizes your effort and helps the plant to get a clean cut.

Place the shears in a vice and run the file along its edges. Hold the file flat against the beveled edge. Always start at the innermost part and push the file away from you. This angle is crucial to give a uniform shape.

Thinking about cleaning shovels is the most tiring task. But a sharp shovel makes digging easier. You probably don’t want to sweat putting all your efforts while digging the soil to plant a new seed.

Secure the shovel in a vice and start filing from each side toward the center point of the shovel head. It is seen that the bevel edge for most of the shovel is 45 degrees, so try to make that angle with your file.

Sharpen garden tools make work effortless and more efficient. Machete is not easy to sharpen as it might cut your finger or hurt you more. Just be careful while sharpening the machete. It’s good to avoid sharpening within a few inches of the handle. It will keep the blade strong and won’t harm you while working with the tool.

Put the machete in a vice and run the file over the blade. Push the file away from the length of the blade. You have to finish filing one side else it won’t be perfectly sharp. After finishing one side, file the opposite side.

Filing is not always helpful in sharpening garden tools. Then how to sharpen garden tools? By using a garden tool sharpener. Garden tool sharpeners are available in hardware shops and are affordable. They are handy in sharpening the edges of tools and making your work effortless. Given below is the list of best garden tools to sharpen. Let’s go through it and get the best one for you!

Whetstones are blocks of fine-grained stone and are of two types, depending on whether they need water or oil for lubrication for easy gliding of the blade across the stone. Both types are perfect for sharp knives and secateurs.

Diamond-coated sharpening tools:

Diamond-coated sharpening tool is another such sharpening tool you trust without doubting. It comes in many shapes and sizes. Diamond-coated blocks are so size friendly as they easily fit in your pockets. They are ideal for sharping knives and secateurs. Foe spades and hoes, you can trust diamond-coated files.

Sharpening steels:

What’s the best tool for sharping kitchen knives? Sharpening steel is the one! There is a gardening version available for sharp loppers and other garden blades.


We all know the use of the file in sharpening the edges of your favorite garden tools. The file makes the work painless and gives the garden tool a uniform shine. It’s just like filing your nails! You can file spades, hoes, shovels, and other sharpening cultivation tools.


It was all about how to sharpen garden tools effortlessly. You can follow the given steps and restore the sharpness and shine of your favorite garden tools in no time. Be careful while shaping the blades, as they might cut your finger.


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