Seats in Madison Square Garden How Many

How Many Seats Does Madison Square Garden Have?

Madison Square Garden, the iconic multi-purpose arena located in Midtown Manhattan, has been home to some of the world"s most legendary and iconic events since it was first erected in 1879. Over the years, the venue has also hosted a myriad of other sport, entertainment, and business events, so it stands to reason that the venue has a capacity large enough to accommodate a wide range of events. But, how many seats are there in Madison Square Garden?

The capacity of Madison Square Garden varies, depending on what type of event is taking place there. When the arena is set up for an arena basketball game, the capacity is 20,789. For an ice hockey game, the capacity is 19,812. For the average concert, the capacity is 19,000. For other general events, such as boxing matches, the capacity is 18,103. All of these numbers represent the maximum capacity of the arena.

There are a number of factors that affect how many seats are in Madison Square Garden at any given time. The most important factor is the configuration of the arena. During certain events, such as an arena basketball game, the seating configurations may be a bit different than for other events. This results in fewer overall seats being available, as the space is tailored specifically for the occasion.

Another factor that affects Madison Square Garden"s capacity is the presence of standing-room-only sections. As you can imagine, the presence of these sections allows for more people to be accommodated, as they do not need a seat to view an event.

Within Madison Square Garden, there are a number of important areas that further reduce its overall capacity. These areas include the production facilities, the press boxes, and the administrative offices. In addition, there are also areas for guest services that are not considered when calculating the capacity of the arena. All of these areas cut down on the number of available seats and areas for seating.

When looking at the overall capacity of Madison Square Garden, one must also take into account suite seats. These seats offer additional comfort and privacy and are usually found in the upper level of the arena. Many of these seats have their own catering services, and some even have private bathrooms. As these seats are not available to the general public, they are not included when calculating the capacity of Madison Square Garden.

In summary, the number of seats in Madison Square Garden depends on a variety of factors. The maximum capacity of the arena can range from 20,789 to 18,103, depending on the type of event that is being held there. Factors such as the configuration of the arena, standing-room-only sections, and areas for guest services all contribute to reducing the capacity of the arena. When determining the number of seats, it is also important to keep in mind that suite seats are not counted towards this number.


Madison Square Garden has a capacity ranging from 20,789 for arena basketball games to 18,103 for boxing matches.

Factors such as the arena configuration, standing-room-only sections, and areas for guest services affect the capacity of Madison Square Garden.

Suite seats are not included when calculating the capacity of the arena.