Unlock Possibilities with Cities Skylines Extra Landscaping Tools


When it comes to city building games, few titles have captured the hearts and minds of players quite like Cities: Skylines. This popular game offers an unparalleled level of detail and creative freedom, allowing players to construct sprawling, intricate landscapes and carefully manage the infrastructure of their dream cities. But for those who want to take their city building experience to the next level, the Extra Landscaping Tools mod is a must-have addition. In this article, we'll dive deep into this invaluable game mod, exploring its benefits, drawbacks, comparisons, FAQs, case studies, and reviews from enthusiastic users.

Before we delve into the specifics of this mod, let's first explore what the Extra Landscaping Tools mod is all about, and what it brings to the table for dedicated Cities: Skylines players.

Extra Landscaping Tools is a mod for Cities: Skylines that provides players with additional tools and options to create even more precise and personalized landscapes in their cities. With features such as terraforming, water manipulation, and resource painting, this mod allows for an endless array of possibilities in city creation and editing. Plus, for those who enjoy sharing their creations with the online community, the mod's compatibility with the Steam Workshop ensures a seamless transition between designing and showcasing your city.

Now that we know what the Extra Landscaping Tools mod does, let's take a closer look at its core features that make it a must-have for Cities: Skylines enthusiasts:

  • Terraforming: Shape the terrain to your liking by raising, lowering, or leveling the land
  • Water manipulation: Add, remove, or modify bodies of water to create rivers, lakes, and even seas
  • Resource painting: Paint specific resources (oil, ore, fertile land, etc.) directly onto the terrain, opening up new industries and opportunities for your city
  • Tree prop placement: Place trees and props individually or in clusters, creating different environments and adding variety to your landscape
  • Steam Workshop integration: Easily share your city creations with the online community and download other players' cities to explore

Although the benefits of this mod are quite expansive, it's important to also recognize its potential drawbacks. In this section, we'll explore the pros and cons of incorporating Extra Landscaping Tools into your Cities: Skylines gameplay experience.

  • Greater creative freedom: Expand the possibilities of your city designs, implementing unique landscapes and city structures
  • Increased precision: With a finer degree of control over land and water, it's easier than ever to achieve your exact vision for your city
  • New gameplay opportunities: By manipulating resources and terrain, you can create new challenges and solutions as your city develops
  • Empowers experimentation: Feel inspired to try out new designs and ideas, potentially discovering novel strategies and techniques for city management
  • Engages the community: Share your creations on the Steam Workshop, fostering connections with other players and showcasing your artistic talent
  • Learning curve: New tools and features can take some time to master, which may be initially frustrating for some players
  • Decreased performance: With added tools and capabilities comes the potential for decreased game performance, especially on older or lower-end systems
  • Compatibility issues: As with any mod, there is the possibility of conflicts with other mods or game updates, necessitating updates and troubleshooting from the mod creator
  • Time investment: The extra customization options may cause players to spend more time perfecting their city landscapes, potentially detracting from other aspects of gameplay

To further illustrate the impact of Extra Landscaping Tools, let's compare the mod-enhanced gameplay experience with the vanilla (unmodded) version of Cities: Skylines:

In the base game, players are provided with a set of fundamental landscaping tools, allowing for a reasonable degree of customization. However, the capabilities are somewhat limited, potentially restricting creative freedom and precision in city design. Additionally, without features like resource painting and individual prop placement, certain gameplay elements may feel more restricted or lacking in variety.

By bringing Extra Landscaping Tools into the fold, players unlock an array of advanced tools and features that vastly expand the potential for customization in their cities. From terraforming and water manipulation to resource painting and Steam Workshop sharing, the mod provides a robust suite of options that cater to both artistic expression and strategic gameplay. While there may be some performance and compatibility considerations, the overall impact on the gaming experience is largely positive, with many players finding the enhanced freedom and control to be well worth any potential drawbacks.

While conflicts with other mods are always a possibility, Extra Landscaping Tools is generally compatible with most popular Cities: Skylines mods. However, if you encounter issues, it's recommended to consult with the mod creator or community for assistance in resolving any conflicts.

Yes, Extra Landscaping Tools should work seamlessly with most (if not all) DLCs for Cities: Skylines. Be sure to keep the mod up-to-date to ensure compatibility with any new DLC releases.

Unfortunately, the Extra Landscaping Tools mod is only available for the PC version of Cities: Skylines. Console players will need to rely on the built-in landscaping tools provided by the base game.

To install the mod, simply subscribe to it through the Cities: Skylines Steam Workshop page. The mod will then be added to your game the next time you launch Cities: Skylines.

The potential for creativity and artistic expression afforded by the Extra Landscaping Tools mod is virtually limitless. To showcase some of the most impressive city creations made possible by this mod, consider the following examples from its dedicated and talented user base:

  • A recreation of Venice: One player utilized the mod's water manipulation features to create a stunning, accurate representation of the famed Italian city, complete with winding canals and picturesque bridges.
  • The mountain metropolis: An ambitious city planner employed terraforming tools to painstakingly craft a sprawling city nestled within a treacherous mountain range, complete with tunnels, winding roads, and gravity-defying architecture.
  • Post-apocalyptic oasis: A creative soul used the mod's resource painting and prop placement options to envision a lush, verdant haven amid a barren, desolate landscape, providing a striking juxtaposition and unique city-building challenges.

But don't just take our word for it - listen to the countless rave reviews from Extra Landscaping Tools users on Steam:

"This mod has completely transformed my Cities: Skylines experience. The added control and precision have unlocked a whole new level of creativity that I never thought possible."
"Extra Landscaping Tools is essential for any serious Cities: Skylines player. The possibilities are endless, and I find new ways to utilize the mod's features every time I play."
"While it took some time to master, the Extra Landscaping Tools mod has been a game-changer for me. My cities look and function better than ever, and I can't recommend this mod enough."

In conclusion, the Extra Landscaping Tools mod is an indispensable addition for Cities: Skylines players who desire the utmost control and creative freedom over their city designs. The mod's array of advanced tools and features unlock a world of possibility, from terraforming and water manipulation to resource painting and Steam Workshop sharing. While there may be some potential performance and compatibility issues to consider, the overwhelmingly positive reviews from the mod's dedicated user base speak to the incredible value and enjoyment it brings to the Cities: Skylines experience.