What Fertilizers are High In Nitrogen?

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Nitrogen is an essential element for the growth of plants. It is also a primary ingredient in many fertilizers. Artificial fertilizer manufacturers state the proportion of nitrogen in their products on the package label, but for organic fertilizer, you have to assume the estimation.

Starting farming requires effort and knowledge. We all know how crucial nitrogen is for the growth of plants. If a soil test reveals that your soil lacks nitrogen, you are probably looking for a way to supplement this vital nutrient in your garden. We are lucky enough as we have many natural options for high-nitrogen fertilizers.

What fertilizers are high in nitrogen? You cannot check the label of each fertilizer. Worry not! We have a list of high nitrogen fertilizers that are easily available.

There are many high nitrogen fertilizers available artificially and naturally. Here is the list of high nitrogen fertilizers. Let’s look for what fertilizers are high in nitrogen.

Banging the list of what fertilizers are high in nitrogen is Sodium Nitrate. It is a white water-soluble solid and often used in fertilizers as a source of nitrate.

Sodium Nitrate contains 16% nitrogen by weight, an excellent source of nitrogen for plants and crops. The best part about Sodium Nitrate is it is water-soluble and has a fast release time, but should not be used for more than 20% of a crop’s nitrogen requirement. With the absence of phosphorus and potassium, it is not a good choice for a balanced Nitrogen Rich Fertilizer.

The poultry feathers constitute the feather meal. Feather meal has 15% nitrogen by weight, an excellent source of nitrogen for the soil. It is not water-soluble and has a slow release time. It is active for 4 to 6 months. Feather meal must be added to a compost pile to aid in the decomposition so that nitrogen becomes available for plants.

Another one on the list of fertilizers high in nitrogen is Blood meal. The powder made from the dried blood of the animal(often cattle or hogs) is known as a blood meal.

A blood meal is water soluble and contains 12.5% nitrogen by weight. It has a medium release time and is effective for 6-8 weeks. Blood meal also has 1.5% phosphorus and 0.5% potassium by weight, making it a better fertilizer than manure and compost. It makes it a little more balanced as fertilizer than others in this list.

Another good source of nitrogen is Fish meal containing about 10% nitrogen by weight. It is a powder made from ground-up fish parts, including bones. Fish meal has a medium release time and is active for 4-6 months.

Fish meal also comes as dry fish meal and contains 4-6% phosphorus by weight, although it does not contain any potassium. It makes it a good choice as a fertilizer if you do not need any potassium added to your garden.

Another one hitting the list of what fertilizers are high in nitrogen is Soymeal. It is a good source of protein for people working out at the gym. Soybean is also the best energy source for people and animals. Soybean meal is mainly produced by first extracting soybean oil from the beans. Ground Soybean husks also constitute soybean meal.

The soybean meal can be used as a fertilizer since it contains 6.5% nitrogen by weight. It also contains 1.5% phosphorus and 2.4% potassium by weight Soybean meal has a slow to medium release time.

 Substituting all these factors, Soybean is balanced fertilizer for the garden.

Moving forward with what fertilizer is high in nitrogen, we have cottonseed lined up next. Cottonseed meal is the remains after the extraction of oil from cotton seeds. It contains 4-6% nitrogen by weight, making it a better source of nitrogen than manure and compost. It has a slow release time and is effective for 4-6 weeks.

A vital point to remember about cottonseed is it is acidic, so better mix it into compost instead of using it directly on plants.

Cottonseed oil also has 2.5% to 3% phosphorus by weight and 1.6% potassium by weight. All these factors make it a balanced fertilizer with proportionate amounts of three vital nutrients.

Animal tankage is the leftover of an animal carcass after removing the fat and gelatin. It is often used as a fertilizer since it contains 7% nitrogen by weight. Animal tankage has a medium release and is effective for weeks.

Animal tankage also has 10% phosphorus and 0.5% potassium by weight, making it a good choice for soil requiring higher amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus than manure or compost can provide.

Compost is another high source of nitrogen made from kitchen scraps and yard waste, such as vegetable peels, banana peels, orange rinds, grass clippings, and raked leaves. It contains about 1.5% to 3.5% nitrogen. Compost has a slow-release fertilizer, and it also contains phosphorus and potassium. You can mix it with manure and use it as fertilizer for all types of crops and plants.

The last one on the list of fertilizers that are high in nitrogen is Manure. Manure are of different types, including cow, horse, pig, and chicken. The manure of horses and cows often contains only 0.5% to 1.5% nitrogen by weight.

Pig manure has low nitrogen content,0.4% to 2% nitrogen by weight. On the other hand, chicken manure contains 1.5% to 6% nitrogen by weight. All of these manures have a medium release time. They all are effective for up to two years.

Manure has small amounts of phosphorus and potassium, making it one of the fertilizers. One thing to keep in mind is decomposing it completely before using it in your garden, to avoid burning your plants!

Now you know which natural fertilizers are high in nitrogen. Organic fertilizers are good sources of nitrogen and don’t cause any harm to plants.